Our Vision is to let children grow free by helping them Love, Learn and Live the Truth that the Lord is. Lord’s Academy is to offer them opportunities in plenty to grow in grace and stature before God and men that they prove to be men and women with confidence, competence and commitment to build up our nation.


We the faculty at LORD’S ACADEMY are committed to the integral development and empowerment of children in freedom by honouring and nurturing their unique individual talents.

Intellectually by

Facilitating cooperative and independent learning.
Developing higher levels of thinking

Emotionally by

Promoting unconditional acceptance of self.
Supporting the partnership between school and home.

Socially by

Teaching communication and cooperation skills
Cultivating a sense of responsibility.

Physically by

Recognizing the interdependence of mind and body.
Assisting in the refining and strengthening of physical skills.

Spiritually by

Sharing a love of beauty and reverence for life.
Responding to global concerns.